Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Inner Scorpion.

For those of you who have stumbled onto my page and wonder what theme my blog is or what audience I am appealing to, the answer is : Everyone & Everything. I do not believe in limitations to cognition of a person. If you are human then this blog is for you. I randomly blog about what I am thinking at the moment or whatever may be the highlight of my day. There is no category to anything I post about, hence why my page is plain white with solid text. Unlike my several other blogs, this page is merely to get my thoughts across and gain reactions.

  Im a huge follower of astrology and spiritual energy. Im a Scorpion myself.... Yes I know what your thinking, Stay away, It's OK. My Zodiac sign has three stages of evolvement. 1. Scorpion. 2. Eagle. 3. Phoenix. Bet many of you did not know that. It's a metamorphosis. The Eagle is where I stand right now. I do not know that for sure, but looking back I am convinced that I have escaped the Scorpion disposition. Hopefully.  

 It's 2:34 AM, I should go to bed soon. I check my horoscope on a daily basis I will also post yours as well below. Hope today brings some positive energy into your day.

Love, Sweeta. XOXO


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