Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freedom tames the Mind.

The mind is the hardest part of ourselves to love. I think I feel trapped inside mine at times. What if we could escape our mind and really see life for what its like? It's possible. No I'm not talking about meditation or reaching enlightenment to do so. Just merely taking a few seconds our of the hustle and bustle of your daily lives to really think. It can truly be wonders. I'm an observer. This morning when I was at a coffee shop consuming my usual dose of caffeine, I sat and watched. People rushing in, people rushing out. Sometimes it's fun to imagine what their lives are like. It's saddening. Most of us are preoccupied by our minds that we miss the whole purpose of life. There is a much deeper reality. Take a few minutes out of your day to stop and not think. There is a difference  from putting thoughts into your head and letting your mind wander. Just observe. It will show you great depths of life itself. There is a lot to be comprehended from whats right in front of you at the moment wherever you are on Earth. It might take a few tries, but you will notice when YOU are not thinking and letting your MIND think. It will create a higher awareness. 
I plan to add more onto this blog soon. 
Love, Sweeta. XOXO

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